Ace, Broncos, and Moving On Up

I have so much to write about and so little time to actually sit down and write! Instead of focusing on any one thing, I am going to address it all; all things going on with us in the month of January.


First and foremost the Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow! Although Kevin is a Bears fan also, I am trying to instill some Broncos mania in Ace since he is a Colorado boy, born and bred. In addition to telling Ace how wonderful the Broncos are and that we are a Broncos family, I have also been whispering to him that John Elway is a god. Hopefully some of this brain washing will stick.

Tomorrow we are going to hang around home to watch the game since it is so close to Ace’s nap time, and frankly we weren’t invited to go anywhere else. I imagine that taking Ace to any bar or restaurant would be a mess. However, to get in to the spirit I am going to make some green chili nachos and guacamole. It should be a good time, especially if Peyton and the boys pull through for us Broncos fans. Hurry hurry! Omaha!

Moving On Up

We have a contract in on a house and so it looks like we will be moving in the next month or so if everything goes smoothly. The new house is still in Denver but it is definitely further out from downtown than either one of us has ever lived. For about 10 years we have both lived in the Capital Hill area of Denver (including before we met) so being in a very non-urban area is going to be a change. We still own a condo in Capital Hill that we are going to keep as a rental since the rental market is so hot in that area.

We are really excited about the new house. With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it is huge for our little family of three. I am not pregnant now, but we do intend on having more children so a bigger house was in order. Also, it has a large yard which will be great since Kevin is such an avid gardener and we wanted a yard with enough room for a garden plus an area for Ace to run around. in The neighborhood is beautiful and we even have some mountain views.

I am not so excited about moving with a toddler. So far we only have a few boxes packed, because our weekends are still as busy as ever. When I think about everything that has to happen in the next month and a half I feel completely overwhelmed. How do people do this with big families?



Our baby is already 20 months old! He is such a joy to be around and always full of surprises. His little toddler personality is adorable. He loves to read, talk, to do puzzles, give hugs and kisses, sing, dance, count, and go for long walks that always end up at the playground. For the first time he is showing a preference for a stuffed animal, his stuffed Eeyore, which he sleeps with every night.


We put his high chair in the basement since it was becoming such a battle to get him in it. Instead, he has been eating at his little child-sized table and chair or with us at the dining room table. Ace actually makes less of a mess since we took away the high chair. I think a lot of his messy high-chair behavior such as throwing food was due to him be frustrated with feeling trapped.

The past month or so was filled with doing a lot of house hunting on the weekends. Ace didn’t seem to mind at all, especially when he got to run around empty houses. Now that we are done house hunting (fingers crossed) we have gotten around to doing some more child-centered activities like going to the Children’s Museum, the Aquarium, and the library.

We actually had free passes to the Aquarium, which was good since we did it in under an hour with Ace running through the entire building. It would have been a waste of money had we spent any, although we did get some good pictures.


On a final note, I lost my grandmother this week. It was expected but it has still been painful, especially for my father and his siblings. She was a very loving grandmother and will be missed by many.

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