Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts 1

This blog is not turning in to a book blog (I don’t read far enough books for that), but to get myself in to the habit of writing more I thought I would link up to “Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts” which is hosted by Bookishly Boisterous once a week. I am not sure if I can keep up with it weekly with le bebe and my job, but we shall see. Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts is “a list of whatever has been on your mind this week, bookish and not so bookish”. I believe it is intended to always be a 10 item list, but I am just going to stick to writing as many thoughts I have.

1. We had a wonderful Christmas with my husband’s family in Indiana, but we are still healing up from all the germs we gathered on the way there and back. Ace got a double ear infection for Christmas and I am just now starting to come out of the congested fog I have been in for the last 5 days. Can we have one trip without any illnesses? Please?


2. I took the dialect quiz from the NY Times and according to it my dialect is from either Denver, Oakland, or Sacramento. I was impressed that it got Denver. My mother is originally from L.A., so perhaps that is where the California part comes from?

3. Thanks UPS for ruining Christmas. The big Christmas present for my husband, a Fender guitar stool, was never delivered. UPS claimed that it had left it on our porch, but we never saw it. After complaining to UPS and them saying that it was highly unlikely that they could help me, a UPS delivery person came to our door today and told me that had delivered the stool to another address. Hopefully they will compensate me for not only the stool but for the aggravation and pain in my husband’s eyes when he only got socks and t-shirts from me at Christmas.

4. I have many questions about children’s clothing, but this week I am asking why a toddler clothing manufacturer would put a non-working drawstring on a pair of pants. Was it too expensive to put in a working drawstring? Is a fake drawstring somehow more fashionable than pants without a drawstring?

5. Elmo fever has hit Ace like a ton of bricks. All it took was one app, Call Elmo, and a few YouTube videos and he has been begging all day, every day for Elmo. I have even been hearing Elmo songs in my sleep. We haven’t broken down and bought any toys yet though, so there’s that.


6. I am actually not dreading going back to school next week. Between being sick and having lots of cold weather, I feel like I have spent way too much time indoors at home lately. Plus, it always eases the transition back in when the first day back is a teacher work day.

7. I finally realized the miracle of the Neti Pot this week. I was scared for too long at the thought of putting water up my nose. Although it feels awkward, it is amazing at clearing out congestion. See kids, Oprah is always right.


8. We went to the library today to look for some books and play in the children’s section for a bit. When I took Ace to the play area it was full of other babies and toddlers with their mother’s and nannies. Turns out there was a Book Babies scheduled at the same time but that had been cancelled because of the holiday yesterday. The librarian felt bad for “us” and pulled together an impromptu Book Babies story time. I felt an obligation to go since we were there, although Ace is definitely aging out of Book Babies’ intended demographic. We had a good time though and I didn’t get a parking ticket even though my parking meter expired.

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