Vegas Vacation

The hubby and I were lucky enough to jet off to Vegas for a few days last week. It was the first time we were there in 5 years and it did not disappoint. My parents were gracious enough to watch our little man so we could have an adults only trip (our first since Ace was born). In fact, this was our first time away from him overnight. It was good to get away and spend some time alone with Kevin.

The journey to Vegas however, was a disaster. I woke up the day of our flight nauseous, but I was able to eat a bit and keep my food down so I figured it was all good and I could just rest up when we got to our hotel. After we boarded the plane, I felt pretty good and started watching TV. The next thing I knew I woke up and began vomiting everywhere. Turns out I passed out and had a seizure on Kevin. After getting somewhat cleaned up, it (pass out, seizure, vomit) happened again as I was trying to de-board the plane after we landed. The airplane attendants (and everyone else in the vicinity) were thoroughly freaked out at this point and I had to be seen by the airport paramedics. Kevin tried to explain that this is what I do when I have the stomach flu or food poisoning.

To make a long story short – I have a seizure disorder that is linked to a vasovagal response (or so this is what I have been told by a few doctors including a neurologist). I do not have epilepsy, I have had this problem my entire life, and I think it is partially hereditary because my mother is also a fainter when she gets ill. It is just a little not-very-fun aspect of my health.

Via wheelchair they got me to a taxi and we made it to our hotel. I sat on the concrete ground in the entrance of our very posh hotel as we waited for security to come with another wheelchair. They couldn’t wheel me out of the hotel lobby quick enough. I am sure I was quite the sight. Back at our hotel room I slept for the rest of the night and woke up the next morning feeling pretty dang good. I was able to enjoy the rest of our trip which was great considering everything we had gone through to get there.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan which was gorgeous. The hotel is only three years old so everything was top of the line.



The last two days we were there it rained non-stop. Being stuck in our hotel/casino wasn’t too bad though. We got to get dressed up like real adults and have night on the town (casino).


We gambled a little bit,


ate some delicious food,


and enjoyed some live music.


Not too shabby. This trip was quite different from our last 5 years ago. Every night we were in bed by midnight at the latest and there were no hangovers. Age and being parents has changed our Vegas vacationing habits for the better, which is a very welcome change.

So why share my story of shame on the way to Las Vegas and not just share the good parts of the trip? This is my way of dealing with having such an embarrassing episode, I suppose. And it is pretty dang funny now that it is over with and realizing that embarrassing events are just part of life makes these difficult bits easier to swallow.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Vegas Vacation

  1. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! I’m glad you are better and still had fun. I believe I have some pictures of episodes like this from high school that were more of the “brown bag flu.” I remember the seizures too, we were always so scared for you but we always got you through!=0) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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