Fall in Denver

What a beautiful time of year here in Denver. There has been very little snowfall so far and both times that it snowed the snow melted by noon. We are even still having 60 degree days including today and tomorrow. Wonderful weather for spending time outside.

11.2.2013 iphone photos 057

11.2.2013 iphone photos 060

We had an interesting Halloween this year. I actually stayed home with Ace Halloween Day and the day after because he had strep. A couple of days prior he had a really rough cough that was keeping him up at night and so I decided to take off Halloween Day off to take him to the doctor’s. The funny thing is I didn’t really want to take Halloween off because I was looking forward to a Halloween party that my paraprofessionals and I were planning for our class (just goes to show that I currently like my job I suppose). Good thing that I did though. Although Ace didn’t have a fever, he had strep.

Once on antibiotics, the doctor gave him the go-ahead for trick-or-treating if he was feeling up to it. Oh boy he was!

11.2.2013 iphone photos 070

This was the first year that Ace could walk and actually trick-or-trick but he still had very little understanding about the mechanics of trick-or-treating. Heck, he still doesn’t even know what candy is. If you can’t tell from the grainy photo, he is an elephant. The tail was the best part.

11.2.2013 iphone photos 066

We took him to the houses of the neighbors we know, which he thought was pretty cool.  Ace is pretty well-known around our block.

Today we took advantage of the warm temperatures and went to the zoo. Don’t be fooled by the winter hat Ace is wearing, it is purely due to overprotective parents and being on antibiotics. This is the first time we have visited since he started walking, something Kevin constantly reminds me of since we have a membership and only live about a mile away.

11.2.2013 iphone photos 080

It was a quick visit since the zoo opens at 10:00 and Ace naps around 1:00 but we had a great time. The best part was definitely the carousel and train or the “toddler express” as I aptly named it. Photo bomb by the conductor:

11.2.2013 iphone photos 079

Ace didn’t even get freaked out by the carousel. He giggled and giggled as it went around.

11.2.2013 iphone photos 085

Ace is at such a fun age right now. Between the changing of the seasons and how much Ace is growing, we are really excited for the upcoming holidays.

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