16 Months of Ace

There have been a lot of changes for Ace in the past two months. Going to daycare during the week instead of staying home with me has been the biggest obviously. He seems to have adjusted well and hasn’t lost any of his spark. The past couple of weeks have made it evident that we have a full-blown toddler on our hands now, with full-blown toddler attitude, opinions, and mini-meltdowns. Very adorable attitude and opinions, I should add.

Tonight Ace appeared to have his first tantrum over not watching “big bus”, an iphone cartoon video of “Wheels on the Bus”. He cried for “big bus” “big bus” over and over again, while my husband and I looked at each other in bewilderment. As much as we have tried to avoid it, technology has suddenly become the center of his world. At the beginning of the month my husband let Ace play a couple of educational games on his old iphone 3 ever since he has been obsessed with the “phone” and the “ipah” (ipad). We don’t let him watch tv, but keeping him away from and disinterested in our other technology is such a battle. So much for the APA recommendation for no screen time for children under 2 . . .


Here, play with these rocks kid.


At his 15 month appointment (which turned in to a 16 month appointment because I have a job now, wah wah) Ace weighed 26 lbs. and 8 ozs. (70th %ile) and was 33 and 3/4 inches tall (97th%ile). Having a tall toddler has presented some challenges. Ace has been able to reach door knobs and turn them easily for the past few months. He can grab whatever he likes off of the dining room table unless we place it directly in the middle. He also can climb up most furniture with ease. We can’t turn our heads from the little booger for a second.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Ace’s language skills are growing every day. We are actually able to somewhat communicate with him now. He can tell you what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He seems to gain a new word or phrase everyday and continues to pick up small skills. One of the best things he does now is he sings along with my husband. For example, Kevin will sing the ABC song and will leave out letters that Ace will fill in.


Ace is going though the typical toddler “I hate vegetables” stage, which is fun. He throws about half of his food on the floor at any given meal and begs for “penah but mmm” (loose translation; peanut butter, mmm) during most meals. He has gotten better at using utensils and cups, which is nice. I am sick of washing sippy cups by hand every day.



Ace is still a great night-time sleeper, especially after his full days at daycare. The one nap a day thing is not so great. He will usually only sleep an hour and a half, which explains why he probably sleeps up to 13 hours per night. Whatever floats your boat little man.



  • Buses, particularly big, yellow buses
  • The alphabet song
  • Bath time
  • Books
  • Rocks
  • Being outside
  • Peanut butter
  • Shoes
  • Puzzles
  • Kisses and hugs
  • Pulling his mother’s hair
In the pic to the right, little man was pulling my hair in the back. I would love to say my reaction was me being dramatic (which happens often), but this was real.

I would love to say my reaction was me being dramatic (which happens often), but this was real.


  • Coming inside
  • Being in the car
  • Being told “no”
  • Vegetables

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “16 Months of Ace

  1. Jen, this was such an informative update on Henry. Since we aren’t there to watch him grow and change, it let’s us keep up with him on his daily changes. He loved Kevin’s phone while we were there. I can only imagine how much he wants it now. All of the grandchildren are very proficient on the iPad and phones and tablets. Kenny knows how to download all the free games he wants on my tablet. Jon had him on his iPhone as a toddler too. Great journey for all of us as we watch the little ones grow up step by step. Thanks, Jenny

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