14 Months of Ace

On my last day as a stay-at-home mother (for now at least), I will take an opportunity to celebrate Ace at 14 months. I haven’t a clue when I will be able to do these updates in the future, but we shall see . . .

Ace has been developing by leaps and bounds. We have had a great summer so far with a few trips, swim lessons, getting together with friends, and library storytimes.



Ace finally nailed the skill of going from sitting on the ground to standing up on his own without pulling up on anything this month. This – after starting to walk at 10 and 1/2 months. He certainly has his own timetable for physical skills!

Swimming lessons have been great this summer. The classes Ace currently takes emphasise infant swim safety over fun, which has been key in him developing some real swim skills. He can go underwater, plop himself into the pool from a seated position on the edge, hold on to the edge of the pool for a few seconds, and can be passed underwater between two people.

The other huge development in the past two months has been Ace’s language skills. He is using the following words with regularity: Mama, Dada, Lurlur (which he uses to refer to the cat, Millie), nana (for banana, but he uses it to refer to all foods), guitar, no, ball, bus, book, yeah, hi, head, truck, up, hat, more, and dog.


Ace is quite the foodie-babe and loves just about everything he tries. In the past two months we have added in peanuts and so far he is food allergy free which is a relief. Man o’ man, peanut butter is messy though.


On the milk front, Ace loves milk. Good old plain white milk in the morning and in the afternoon. My husband’s chocolate milk plan worked liked a charm.


The adaptability of babies and toddlers never ceases to amaze me. Ace is on the cusp (it will happen in daycare regardless) of dropping the morning nap. Morning nap or no morning nap, either way he does fine and will compensate for his sleep at night. Ace has been really easy to travel with and his naps haven’t gotten in the way of us having fun. I love this age!

Ace is still early to bed (6:30) and early to rise (6:30), but it is still working well with our schedule as a family.



  • Swimming
  • Swinging
  • Walking/Running
  • Being chased
  • Being outside
  • Books
  • Cousins
  • Bath time
  • Opening and shutting cabinets


  • Being told “no”
  • Bedtime
  • Having his diaper changed (this has to get better at some point, right?)
  • Coming inside from playing

Here are some other pictures from the past two months. I apologize for the quality but we were busy, busy, busy and I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures lately.





2 thoughts on “14 Months of Ace

  1. Love that he can swim underwater from one person to another. That is so neat. Love to see him do it. What an accomplishment. Hope you are enjoying school and Ace is enjoying his day care. Each month will bring you so much joy.

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