Lately + Crested Butte Vacation


A lot of changes happened lately, hence the lack of blogging the past two weeks. I made a big decision to go back to teaching this school year. I actually took this past year off on maternity leave with the plan of going back after one year (you can take up to 2 years unpaid leave in my district with tenure). My husband and I waffled over the decision to go back for the 2013-2014 school year for quite a while, and we ended up making the final decision only in the past month or so. I loved staying home but it has been getting financially difficult, so our finances ultimately made the decision for us. I am looking forward to change and getting back to the professional world, but I realize not staying home with Ace is going to be very difficult. What can I say? I am quite fond of the little guy.

I am also wondering about what will come of my favorite hobbies I started this year: running and blogging. Do mothers of toddlers that work full-time have anytime for hobbies? I would love any insight from anyone who knows.

So we are getting ready for me to go back – which is happening much sooner than I expected. I start back in less than 2 weeks. EEK! The past few weeks have been consumed with finding childcare for Ace, mentally preparing to go back, and trying to fit in as much fun as possible. Speaking of fun, we just got back on Tuesday from a mountain vacation in Crested Butte!

Crested Butte

My parents have been so generous the past few years to rent a vacation home or cabin for a yearly family reunion for my side of the family. This year’s vacation spot didn’t disappoint. We stayed in a vacation house outside of Crested Butte on the Taylor River. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful time with everyone.

My husband got tons of fly fishing in (a hobby that has been hard for him to keep up since having Ace) and I got a couple of workouts in plus a nice little hike up to the top of Mount Crested Butte with my big brother. Traveling with Ace plus his cousins meant we were a little tied to the house we stayed at due to nap times, but we lucked out by having a hot tub with a view and staying at a resort that had activities within walking distance. Instead of a play-by-play of the whole trip, I am just going to share a bunch of pics with captions. Enjoy.

Gothic, Colorado

Gothic, Colorado

Pit stop in Gothic

Pit stop in Gothic

View from the top of Mt. Crested Butte which I climbed with my brother.

View from the top of Mt. Crested Butte which I climbed with my brother.

I didn't summit the mountain because I had to get back down to Ace, but my brother did.

I didn’t summit the mountain because I had to get back down to Ace, but my brother did.

My boys in Crested Butte

My boys in Crested Butte

My mama and me

My mama and me



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