Big Ole’ Family Reunion

It has been some time since I last posted, but for good reason! We were away at my husband’s family reunion in northwest Indiana for a week and we were making the most of our vacation time, which included me not blogging while I was there. I thought I would share some of the highlights and lowlights (oh yes, things went bad).

Our flight out there was uneventful enough. This was Ace’s second time flying since we went to the Virgin Islands in December. It was entirely different flying with a toddler this time. He only wanted to walk, which made keeping him entertained on the plane pretty interesting. We read, sang songs, watched videos on the iPad, let him play with our phones, and the fussing was pretty minimal.


Once we got to our destination it was party time! And party we did. My husband’s family is large and we had 10 adults and 11 children under the same roof for most of the week. We drank beer, ate great food, played lawn games, and soaked up the Indiana sun.


Ace had an amazing time getting to know all of his cousins. We thought all of the people might be a bit overwhelming for him but, all the commotion and fun was fine by him! He also LOVED all the extra attention from his aunts, uncles, and especially from his grandma.



Then we went to the zoo . . .  and Ace got sick. Really sick. All over his father. So, hubby got a sweet new t-shirt with a picture of an otter on it and all was well.


Or so we thought. Ace continued to be sick that day and the next. He was in pretty okay spirits though and didn’t seem to have any other symptoms other than vomiting. We thought perhaps it was car sickness or he ate something bad. But then . . . I got sick. Two of the four families staying at my in-law’s house fled with their children in fear. But it was too late for some . . .

All in all, what we concluded to be the stomach flu that got quite a few of us very ill. (Ace says he is sorry, by the way :).) I got it pretty bad adn missed the 5K I was signed up for and my hubby slept about 16 hours in one day, but on Saturday we had to rally because we had a baptism to attend to.

While we were in my husband’s hometown, we decided to get Ace baptised along with his new baby cousin at my husband’s childhood church. We were feeling pretty weak during the service, but made it. Nobody passed out or vomited, so there is that ;).


We got to spend time with some of my husband’s extended family that were in town and celebrate the baptism and reunion (we had reunion t-shirts too) that night with friends and family. One of my brother-in-law’s even set off fireworks for everyone. Not too shabby!

The next day we had a terrible flight home with tons of turbulence (not to mention nausea), so getting home was a relief. On the bright side, everyone has felt great since we got back and we have quickly returned to our routine.

The good times made up for the bad, and hopefully our next Big Ole’ Family Reunion won’t involve any illnesses. Also, I want to say a big thanks to my mother and father-in-law for all of their generosity during our trip. Having house guests is never the easiest and they sure had a lot of them!

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Big Ole’ Family Reunion

  1. Nice Blog report, Jen. Glad the flu has passed and things are back to normal. We needed a pic showing those awesome Gaff Family Reunion T shirts. They did make everything so unique and special. Your family pic in church is so pretty of all three of you. So sweet and precious. Will get your 5 K tshirt and pkg on Mon. Love all 3 of you, Jenny

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