1-Year-Old Update


The previous two posts were all about Ace’s birthday party and a simple “Happy Birthday” little buddy, but I haven’t quite done a 1-year-old update in the style of his monthly updates. I will most likely not be doing monthly updates anymore, but instead doing more thematic posts about Ace’s development and stages. Regardless, here’s an in-depth snapshot of all things Ace at 1-year-old with a few fun comparisons photos at the end.

Growth and Stats

  • Ace is 25 lbs (I will edit in later to add his height since he hasn’t had his 1 year check-up yet)
  • 7 teeth total (4 up, 3 down)
  • Light brown eyes
  • Light brown/dark blonde hair


Ace is walking and walking fast. He has the complete confidence of a toddler and loves nothing more than to move. A few of his new tricks this month include plopping down on his bottom to sit, making a “bub-bub” sound by putting the back of his hand up to his mouth while humming, and being passed underwater while in the pool during swim lessons. He likes to carry things around the house while he is walking (and beginning to run, EEK!) and prefers to take his sippy cup on-the-go.


In terms of language, Ace is understanding more everyday. He will come to us when we call his name and understands when you ask him to bring an object to you or to place an object somewhere. Ace uses the following words: Dada, Mama, kitty, banana, and yeah.

Ace’s favorite ways to play are swinging (especially in his new swing he got for his birthday), swimming, walking around the playground, going on wagon rides, being chased by Dad, reading books, and riding his new tricycle.



My big guy is fully weaned as of about a week ago! In my last monthly update, I talked about the trouble I was having going from two feedings to zero. I dropped the first-thing-in-the-morning-feed about 3 weeks ago by just feeding Ace breakfast as quickly as possible. As soon as I get him from his crib, I practically throw him in to his high chair with a few cracker puffs, some water, and a book (books are still his favorite activity). This usually gives me enough time to make coffee and cook him some oatmeal.

When I dropped this feed, we were still having trouble getting him to take cow’s milk. Enter my husband and his discovery that Ace LOVES chocolate milk. We started giving him chocolate milk and mixing it in with regular milk. We are in the process right now of slowly decreasing the amount of chocolate milk in ratio to plain milk and our plan seems to be working (insert evil laugh here).

Next came dropping the last feed of the day. Ace dropped this all on his own via biting me one night and then refusing the breast the next night. I got the message loud and clear, little buddy. So, we are done with the breastfeeding portion of our relationship. I have seen many other breastfeeding online mamas express bittersweet feelings about weaning and waxing poetic about the “beauty of breastfeeding” yada, yada. I am happy we made it a year, but I never felt like I had much emotional stock invested in breastfeeding. Perhaps my feelings would be far different if it had been a struggle for me or if I had to wean early for reasons beyond my control? Either way, I am happy we are done and satisfied by how long we did it. Plus, we didn’t have to spend one cent on formula.

Back to actual food . . . Ace loves pretty much everything. He is a great eater and if he doesn’t like something one day, I never hesitate giving it to him again because chances are he will like it at some point.



Ace is a 6:30 p.m. – 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. sleeper. His naps have been getting funky in preparation for reducing down to one nap a day. If he takes a long morning nap, he will skip his afternoon nap and vice versa. We are having less and less two nap days, but it is makes getting out of the house much easier.



  • Reading and playing with balls
  • Swinging and playing at the park
  • Swimming at the rec center or in his baby pool
  • Riding in his wagon
  • Riding his toddler tricycle (with lots of help)
  • Eating: banana, chocolate milk, BBQ anything, watermelon, oatmeal, avocado toast, spinach omelets, berries.


  • Having the blinds in his room messed with (?)
  • Watching people go outside without him (saying goodbye to Dad in the morning is starting to get tough)
  • Being told “no”
  • Eating: squash, chicken breast with no sauce.

I thought it would be fun to compare some old pictures of Ace doing the same thing as some new pictures. I can’t believe how small and chubby he used to be. So cute!




And here are the rest of the pics from this month.





3 thoughts on “1-Year-Old Update

  1. Jen, I love the updated report. Glad you got the breastfeeding successfully started and ended and it lasted one year as you wished for in the beginning. Wow that is a success story all by itself. Love the pictures that compared today with a prior pic. That was so neat to see. Sounds like you have a happy little guy ready to continue learning and growing into a little boy. Can’t wait to see you. Lots of love, Jenny (Grandma)

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