Ace’s First Birthday

Ace had his first birthday over the past weekend and here are some of the highlights.

Ace’s party was a simple backyard BBQ. The only theme was “garden party” since my husband has worked so hard on his garden and the landscaping in the backyard. We hung up some simple decorations, a baby picture display, stuck some pinwheels in the garden, and voila – a garden party! Unfortunately my husband and I didn’t get any pictures because we were so busy hosting, but my father and my friend Jen got a few shots.






My favorite thing was Ace’s cake. We got it from a nearby cake shop, Leaf and Crumb. It is actually on the first page of their site right now. The cake turned out better than I had imagined! It was delicious too.



This blog is mostly (to my knowledge) read by our family and friends – but I do realize the cake has our son’s first name on it. So for those that don’t know, our son’s first and middle names are Henry Ace! I will continue to call him Ace on here, simply because I like his middle name almost better than his first. Ace suits his hardcore personality and his take-no-prisoners way of life.

So there you have it. Ace’s garden party for his 1st birthday. Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Ace’s First Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Ace! And Congrats Mom and Dad for making it through your first year! That cake is gorgeous. First birthdays are one of my favorite things. I love the idea of family and friends getting together to celebrate the first year. It’s so sweet and special. Good job, parents!

    • Thanks Aja! We had a great time. Speaking of which, you and your hubby need to make it out to Denver sometime. We have plenty of room and lots of scenery . . .

      • We’d love to get out there some time. D has never seen Colorado and all I tell him are good things about it so, I know he’d especially like to get that direction. And of course I’d love to see you and meet your guys! I’ll keep that it in mind when we think about some longer drives. Thanks!

  2. Loved reading about the first birthday in the garden. It did look beautiful. The cake looked fantastic. So glad it turned out to be so special to all of you. I love the picture where Kevin is helping him with the hat. His eyes and expression are priceless. Looks like it was just a day you will cherish and be able to tell Ace all about as he grows up.

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