7 Things I Learned From My Mother


1. Always check the weather. My mother is the only person I know that actually watches the Weather Channel, but you can’t say she isn’t always prepared. She usually knows the weather here in Denver before I do. Obviously she doesn’t have an iPhone :).

2. Fitness should be a lifelong pursuit. My mother is one of the most active 60-something year olds I know. She doesn’t boast or brag, but she has kept fitness and health a priority for the past 20 years. Lifting weights, walking, hiking, swimming, and chugging away at the elliptical have made my mother a MACHINE. I don’t think I have ever told her this, but she inspires me to stay active and be fit.

3. Cooking is fun. I have never considered cooking to be a chore and this is solely due to my mother’s  love for it. She has told me before that cooking “relaxes” her and I am proud to say it relaxes me also.

4. It is possible to live a life with no vices (except caffeine). My mother has “just been saying no” throughout most of her adult life. She is the best example of NOT living on the edge and I am thankful for the example she set for my brother and me.

5. Just do your best. I think my mother got this motto from her mother. I still remind myself this when something feels overwhelming.

6. Work to help others. My mother’s life has been devoted to helping others. It is no wonder that my brother and myself chose fields in social service for our careers. As a retiree she continues to volunteer in local schools and support her favorite charities.

7. How to be an incredible mother. This is my mother’s greatest legacy is as a mother and grandmother. She has always found joy in children and has been the greatest role model for how to share love, patience, humor, and care with her children and grandchildren. My mother gives selflessly and I hope to do the same with my family.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

2 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned From My Mother

  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom. Know that she is smiling and so proud of you. Doesn’t
    Having a baby make you appreciate your mother and all she did for you?

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