This Month in Pop Culture Consumption

It has been quite a while since I have posted about anything pop culture-y, but I have been consuming plenty in the hours when Ace is asleep. These are a few of the things I have seen, heard, and read as of late.


Mad Men

I was late in getting on the Mad Men bandwagon, but got on it nonetheless due to my mother’s urging. I only began watching it at the beginning of last season, but it was very easy to catch on to the plotlines.

As for this season, the first episode didn’t do much for me because it spent so much time catching the viewer up with the characters instead of have a very rich plot (hence why it was so easy for me to catch on at the beginning of last season). The last two episodes great however and I am proud to say I am watching something regularly that is not on Bravo.


“Right Kind Of Love” by Jeremy Jordan

While buzzing around in my car this past weekend, this humdinger of a song came on twice on the 90’s station on Sirius XM. On the weekends they will play the top 20 list of this week, but of a random year. I guess this weekend the random year was 1993, which had such gems as this song and “Nothing My Love Can’t Fix” by Joey Lawrence.

I don’t know if I consciously wiped “Right Kind Of Love” from my memory or if society as a whole has decided to collectively forget this song, but I took me a few minutes to even recognize it. However, I realized quickly that not only did I know this song but I knew ALL OF THE LYRICS to this song. Eek! Visions of a blonde haired Lothario with his chest exposed ran through my head. I guess the impression this song had on me at the age of 13 was quite strong. Lucky for me, I have had this song in my head since. Unfortunately for my son, I have also been singing this song around the house since.


San Miguel and Inner Circle by T.C. Boyle


I have been doing really well with most of the goals I set for myself in my Books I Read In 2012 post. I am reading a lot more historical fiction, which I love by the way, and staying completely away from chick fiction. One of my new favorite authors so far is T.C. Boyle, who writes a lot of historical fiction. I read his latest book San Miguel in February and am currently reading the Inner Circle.

San Miguel is about two real families that lived on the island off the coast of California. It was a bit slow in places but a really interesting read. Inner Circle is about the famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, and is told from the point-of-view of a fictional assistant.  It is great so far, and I can’t wait to read more of T.C. Boyle’s work.

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