Weekend Love

Our little family o’ three had a lot of fun this weekend. We didn’t do anything incredibly out of the ordinary, but I actually got a few pics so I figured I would share.

On Friday, I actually went out. WENT OUT. Besides the date I had with Hubby when my folks were in town, I haven’t gone out in about two months. My old college friend, roommate, and all-around awesome fellow Mommy, Katie and I went out for drinks and food. We had a great time and even ran in to another old friend from college! Don’t fret; I was in a cab on my way home by 10:30. Babies don’t have any sympathy or patience for hangovers.

The next morning we got our new king size mattress delivered. My husband is 6 foot 5, so he has been wanted a “big daddy” mattress for a while now. We love love LOVE it, and Ace had a ball rolling around on it.


After lunch we went to the Tattered Cover bookstore to walk around. THeir children’s section was great for Ace to practice walking around and I snagged a nice board book for Ace that was only $5 on discount.

In the afternoon, we went down the street in front of the local coffee shop to see our neighborhood elementary school jazz band perform. One of the best parts of our little urban neighborhood is community events like this. This mini-concert was three blocks around the corner from our house. Perfect for a wagon ride with Ace.


Ace also had chocolate frozen custard for the first time. Yum.


On Sunday Ace was up early from his morning nap so we figured we would try to hit the grocery store before going out to lunch at one of our favorite Denver spots, Tokyo Joe’s. The big problem was that even though Ace had a snack before we left the house, he was starving halfway through grocery shopping. Thank goodness for those food pouches I have stored in my diaper bag. He scarfed down two before we even left the store.

After dropping our groceries off, we made it to Tokyo Joe’s. We got there a little before it opened so Ace had a chance to walk outside.


I have mentioned it before, but I love having lunch on the weekends with my two favorite guys.


Lately we have been going to Tokyo Joe’s a lot because it is on the way to our favorite grocery store, it is healthy, and it is cheap. I usually don’t like chains, but it is a local Denver chain so it is kinda not a chain, right?

During Ace’s nap I had a chance to run. I am now on Week 7 of Couch-2-5K and this workout was 22 minutes of continuous running (about 2 and 1/4 mile). I ran at a pretty good pace the entire time so I was happy. As part of the Couch-2-5K plan, I put my money where my mouth is and signed up for a 5K for next month. For those who don’t know, I wrote a post about my running aspirations here.

We took Ace on another wagon ride that afternoon to the playground where Ace practiced walking even MORE and even got to kick around an abandoned soccer ball we found. He had a blast.

Sunday evening (after putting Ace down to bed at 6:30) my husband grilled up some meats and veggies for fajitas and we had a relaxing night.

This week is going to be all about beginning to wean Ace (post upcoming) and starting to plan his birthday party, even though it is quite a ways off. This was such a fun weekend that it made me excited for the next. I guess that is the best kind of weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Love

  1. Sounds like a great week end to me also. Darn, you know how to get every second squeezed out of a week end. Can’t wait to hear all about the First Birthday Party.

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