Ace’s Eats

Another April snowy day here in Colorado and we are stuck inside again. I never minded bad weather until I had a baby and realized how boring it is to stay inside all day with a little one. I was looking forward to storytime today because the librarian that leads it on Tuesdays has been getting increasingly irritated with one particular nanny and her charge, a “spirited” toddler with a faux hawk that carries a branch in to story time. A BRANCH, not a stick or a twig, a BRANCH. And mind you, this is a story time meant for BABIES. Needless to say, the librarian has been telling the nanny, “yes, you need to hold him in your lap” and “no, he may not carry around his BRANCH with him in a room full of BABIES”. This is the height of drama that I see in my mommyrific world and I was looking forward to today’s exchange.


Previously I posted about Ace eating for the first time and I think 10 months is a good point to do an update on all things going in to Ace’s mouth. With the exception of sleep, Ace’s meals and snacks take up a huge portion of our day. Add in the time that it takes for preparation plus what feels like constant clean-up, and feeding our little 24 pound pumpkin is no small task.


We started Ace out on mostly purees when he was about 5 months old (younger than what they recommend, but we got a thumbs up from our pediatrician). I looked in to Baby Fed Weaning, the new-hip-coolest way to feed your baby but I figured we might as well go with the old-fashioned way since I (and hubby) were both apprehensive about choking.

I prep and make 90% of his food with the exception of occasional baby food squeeze packs that we use on-the-go and Mum Mums. To say that I make most of Ace’s food isn’t to be sanctimonious, but frankly I have plenty of time, so why the heck not? If I had more than one child or a job, this would most likely not be the case. It is also pretty easy to make his food since he doesn’t have any food allergies (that we know of yet) and he isn’t very picky (again, yet).

A typical day of Ace’s Eats:


  • oatmeal (with whole milk) and fruit (usually banana, blueberries, canned apple, pear, etc.)
  • or, yogurt and fruit
  • or, whole wheat pancake (my husband usually makes them once a week) and fruit


  • avocado toast (toasted whole grain bread with avocado smeared on). I transferred (or more likely pushed) my love of avocado to Ace. I eat it on sandwiches and salads almost every day for lunch so I started giving him avocado right after he started solids. Once he became a finger food guy (around 7 months), I came up with avocado toast as a way of him being able to feed himself avocado without just smearing it everywhere.
  • fried, scrambled, or hard-boiled egg
  • some sort of finger veggie such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, or hubby’s canned green beans


  • string cheese, cottage cheese, or yogurt
  • fruit


  • leftover protein from last night’s dinner. Since we eat after Ace’s ridiculously early bedtime of 6:00-6:30, Ace usually has what we had the night before. If we don’t have something he can have, I am not above giving him mashed black beans or refried beans with cheese.
  • a starch such as sweet potato chunks, leftover mashed white potatoes, or pasta
  • finger veggie

Ace’s diet at 10 months old isn’t very exotic, but I think I do a good job at providing a variety of healthy options for him. I am looking forward to finding new ideas of what to feed him and experimenting with utensils in the upcoming months.

Have a wonderful Tuesday whether yours is snowy or not.

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