10 Months of Ace


Wow. Double digit months and only two months to go until Ace is officially a toddler. But don’t tell him he is still a baby. Ace is 10 months going on 10 years old if his constant struggle for independence is any indication. I suppose this is only the beginning . . .

We had another busy month although swimming ended due to me picking a bad number at the lottery. My parents were just here visiting, we had my birthday, and of course there was Easter. The beginning of Spring has been a welcome change but today we are snowed in due to a snow storm. Perfect day to write about baby Ace.


At his 9 month appointment Ace weighed 22 lbs 5 ozs and was 30 inches tall. Ace is in the 75%ile for weight and the 95%ile for height. He has sprouted this big round belly that gets enormous after meals. It is quite adorable. Ace also grew in his front top two teeth bringing him to a grand total of four.



Ace is still cruising along furniture. He is getting more confident each day and loves nothing more than being walked around the house or neighborhood with someone holding his hands. He latest stunt is walking 3-4 steps and flinging himself in to my or my husbands arms.


We are working with him on how to fall on his bottom instead of fall straight back like a tree falling over (tim-ber). He also doesn’t quite know how to get from sitting to standing on his own but he is beginning to pull up.

Ace’s vocabulary is still based around the “kitty cat” and “dada”. He is starting to say some /m/ sounds, but “mama” might take a while. Also he began waving this month and I have seen him on the video monitor practicing his wave when he is trying to fall asleep.

Ace began showing his preferences in a much more direct way this month. He cries dramatically if you do something he does not like, such as taking him inside the house or getting him out of his wagon. Our sweet little go-with-the-flow baby seems to have been replaced by a small, demanding pre-teen.


Ace is a bit more picky with food this month. He has days he likes eggs and days that he can’t stand them, days when he gobbles down banana and days that he throws it off his high chair. We didn’t introduce him to many new foods this month, but he has been eating what we are eating more often at restaurants. I am looking forward to the day that the majority of his food will be the same as what we eat.


Ace is still nursing four times a day, but I got the go-ahead from his pediatrician to wean him at 11 months since he is big for his age. I will wean him then but will still give him cow’s milk mixed with pumped breast milk I have in our freezer from when I was pumping (I stopped pumping at night around 7 months). I am looking forward to not being bitten (on the nipples anymore at least) and going back to non-maternity bras. I pretty much made it to my year of breastfeeding goal and I am ready for the end.


I can proudly say that Ace is now sleeping through the night. I got my act together and sleep trained him (it only took three nights) without giving in to the 3:00-4:00 a.m. feedings he had become accustomed to. Before this month it was just easier to go to him and nurse him for 10 minutes so he would go back to sleep quickly than to listen to him crying it out for 20+ minutes for a few nights. Every parent I listened to and book I read was right though; 3 nights and he was sleeping straight through from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. I am very happy with this arrangement and I think he is too.



  • Riding in his wagon
  • Swinging at the park
  • Walking (with help) down the street
  • Playing peek-a-boo and being tickled on his changing table
  • Eating Mum Mums, avocado toast, cheese, pancakes, and green beans.
  • Baths
  • Playing with books


  • Shopping for more than 30 minutes
  • Coming indoors after playing outside
  • Crawling
  • Having his clothes changed

Here are some more photos from this month:



3.26.2013 058



2 thoughts on “10 Months of Ace

  1. Jen, this grandma is delighted to have this blog and all of the adorable pictures. It is a great way to know what our little grandson is doing, eating, enjoying. They keep you hopping at this stage. He doesn’t know what he wants so he cries in his own confusion. They cry to stay on the swing but two minutes later, they cry because they want off the swing. It is like a roller coaster. It does get better with time. Keep the faith and before you know it you’ll have a whole set of new challenges. Can’t wait to see all three of you. Lots of love, Jenny

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