Tripping My Way Towards Becoming A Runner

I have twenty minutes before I have to wake up Ace to go to storytime, so I figured I would try my hand at writing a quick (as opposed to long and tedious) blog post!

Speaking of being quick, I started a new thang recently: running! Mind you, not fast and not far yet, but running (usually with a stroller and Ace) none the less. I have been a pretty avid walker for about the past three or four years, using a pedometer when I first started out and most recently using the app Walk Tracker to monitor my mileage. I have known for a while that running would be the next logical step because I was not being challenged. After an hour of pushing a stroller up and down hills at a relatively quick clip, I still felt like I had energy to burn.

I kept putting running off for a number of reasons (or some would say lame excuses). Mostly I worried that it would take the fun out of my exercise for me. Long walks have always been pleasurable for me because they are easy and relaxing. Add in a good podcast or some great music and walks become the best part of my day. Also, when I ran in the past, I gave it up relatively quickly because I overexerted myself. When you are huffing, puffing, and practically tripping over yourself running sucks.

I heard about the Couch to 5K app online and knew that if I was going to give running another shot, I was going to have to go at it my way – ahem, the leisurely way. A slow, structured program was exactly what I needed and so far I am loving it. I can get a full workout in in much less time than walking and I feel I am working towards a goal.


I am currently at the end of Week 4 and having a good time. Yes, running is hard but it has become a good way for me to challenge myself. I turned 33 last week, my body feels strong, and I am hoping this will be a habit that lasts.

The next step? Signing up for a 5K I think. I shall keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Tripping My Way Towards Becoming A Runner

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