9 Months of Ace

Ace is 9 months old and full of moxie. He is still busy with swimming, storytime, and going to the park. We had a chance to hang out with his cousins again this month and make some new friends at all of our activities. We are ready for spring and more warm days to come.


Again, we have no clue what he weighs or his height but Ace is definitely getting bigger. He is fitting into 18-month-old clothes and I can’t wait to do some warm clothes shopping for him soon, albeit not with him because frankly shopping with a baby is not very enjoyable. FYI – All panda pictures will now be taken with Ace on his belly. Because 9 month olds are super cooperative.

iphone 3.7.12 090


Ace’s main mode of mobility is cruising along furniture while walking. He is still fairly unstable on his feet, so his father or I always have our arms out to catch him.

iphone 3.7.12 062

Ace’s latest trick is shimmying down from things. I like to put him in our large arm-chair and watch him flip himself on to his belly and shimmy off the chair and on to his feet. We are fairly sure that he will skip the crawling phase and just move on to walking, as one of my nephews did. Anything that gives us more time to baby proof is fine by me.

iphone 2.28.13 051

As I predicted in my last post, Ace’s first word(s) are “kitty cat” which he says when he sees Millie. We even have him on video tape saying what sounds like “Here kitty cat” with me coaching him. Ace is also close to saying “da-da” but has yet to utter a single /m/ sound.


This month Ace is eating a lot more finger foods and loves feeding himself. He will eat foods that are pureed or mashed but gets a little cranky when there is nothing in a meal that he can feed himself. I am able to give him more of our regular food which makes mealtimes easier. Usually for breakfast I will make the same thing for both of us, slightly altered for him. For example, yesterday I made us both blueberry oatmeal, but his was purple because the blueberries were mashed in. I used whole milk for his and skim milk for mine.

iphone 2.28.13 094

I eat lunch with him also, but dinner as a family is still a long ways off because he goes to bed so early (6:00 most nights) and hubby and I aren’t too down with eating at 4:30.

Eating a restaurants with Ace is much easier this month, which makes him a little bit more portable. I still make all of his food at home, but he eats those organic baby food pouches when we go out to eat along with us giving him bits of our own food. Going out to brunch on the weekends is one my favorite times to spend with both of my guys.

iphone 3.7.12 073


Absolutely nothing has changed with Ace’s sleep schedule since last month. He is still a 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. sleeper with one night feed. We would push his bedtime further back if sleeping in until 7:00 or 7:30 was important, but with Hubby’s work schedule it works for us because we usually all get up around the same time in the morning.

iphone 3.7.12 078


  • Playing with junk mail (?)
  • Looking at trees, lamp posts, and street signs when walking around the neighborhood.
  • Sitting in the front of the grocery cart
  • Having his teeth brushed
  • Cousins
  • Eating broccoli, Mum Mums, hummus, chicken, cheese, buffalo.
  • Singing along with us
  • Video chatting with Grandma and Grandpa
  • Board books


  • Exersaucer or jumperoo for longer than a minute
  • Getting new teeth
  • Public restrooms and their terrifying toilet and hand dryer sounds
  • Spending more than 30 minutes in the stroller

The least fuzzy baby pics from this month:

iphone 3.7.12 055

iphone 3.7.12 056

iphone 3.7.12 064

iphone 3.7.12 075

iphone 2.28.13 065

iphone 2.14.2013 054

iphone 2.14.2013 060

One of our favorite baby songs from this month for your listening pleasure. I would listen to this even if I didn’t have a child.


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