What You Got Cooking

I have slowed my roll when it comes to posting recipes because I find that I don’t actually cook many recipes that are unique to me. I might change an ingredient or two, but for the most part I am just cooking recipes that are not my own. It would just feel wrong to blog about recipes while pretending that they are mine. The argument could be made that every recipe is a copy of another recipe so therefore nothing is original, but posting pics of recipes done step-by-step is also quite tedious for a somewhat lazy home cook like myself. I truly enjoy cooking while listening to podcasts or music and perhaps enjoying a glass a wine, and pulling out a camera every few minutes doesn’t really fit in the picture (pun intended). My solution: blog about other people’s recipes I have tried! With full credit due of course.

One New Year resolution I made for this year was to cook at least one new-to-me recipe once a month. I am still a home cook in training, trying to learn to cook as many meals from scratch as I can. It is not quite the end of January and I have already tried 3 new recipes this month. Not too shabby . . .

1. First I made the most GLORIOUS chicken recipe I have ever made. My husband will attest to this! It was Roast Chicken With Dijon Sauce from the Smitten Kitchen.


Photo courtesy of SmittenKitchen.com

It actually looked like this, minus the sexy mood lighting. The best part was that this recipe taught me a new technique of browning the chicken in a cast iron pan and then baking it off in the oven. I love using my cast iron pan, which my mother-in-law bought me. Chicken cooked in a cast iron pan: SO GOOD! I can’t wait to cook this recipe again.

2. I make A LOT of soup. In fact, I have been making soup about once a week for the past few months. To go with lentil and chicken sausage soup one night, I dug up this Olive Cheese Bread recipe from Pioneer Woman.


Photo courtesy of Pioneer Woman

It is so simple and so good. In fact, TOO good. My husband said it was too rich for him and refused to eat more than two bites. I loved it so much that I ate about half of a french bread loaf over the course of two nights. Yowza! I will probably never make it just for us again due to my lack of self-control and my husband’s extreme self-control, but it would be great for entertaining.

3. And finally I made Apple Tart, also from Pioneer Woman, when my parents were in town visiting last week.


Photo courtesy of Pioneer Woman

This recipe isn’t from scratch because it uses frozen Puff Pastry, but I need something quick and easy to do with the two quarts of cooked apples we had left over from my husband canning apples the previous week. Everyone loved the apple tart. For a non-dessert cooking person like me, it was perfect.

In the upcoming months I plan on making some recipes not culled from Pioneer Woman, but from my old cookbooks I have been collecting. Should be fun!!

In celebration of the title of the post I will leave you with this song, so often sang to my brother and I by our Grandma Elliott.

One thought on “What You Got Cooking

  1. Hey good looking. Love reading your blog. The chicken looked yummy. I would have eating half of the cheese bread with you!! Heck with Kevin. I have no will power either. Loved your Valentine stories. What fun memories. Jenny

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