Books I read in 2012

I started this post the last week of 2012, but life got in the way of finishing it in a timely manner. Other more important posts such as Ace’s monthly update needed to be written before grandparents became up-in-arms.

I made a sort of New Year’s resolution last year to keep track of each book I read during the year. I suppose this isn’t much of a resolution, but last year in January I was pregnant with Ace, so most of my bad habits had been cut out of my life all ready (unless they involved carbohydrates). In addition to wanting to know exactly how many books I was plowing through each year, I also wanted a record of what exactly I was reading. Maybe it would give me some insight into my reading habits, state-of-mind, and give me some ideas of ways I can expand my interests. Turns out this was a grand idea because I have a host of book resolutions to work on in 2013 (see end of post).

I recorded each book I read on my iPhone in the Notes app, which was helpful because I could back up the list by e-mailing it to myself.

Books 2012

I also created my own EXTREMELY complicated rating system by putting an asterisk next to books that were “really good”, “really good” in the sense that I would recommend it to someone else. Completely terrible books were classified as “sucky”.

The final list of books:

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling
 “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” by Chelsea Handler
“My Horizontal Life” by Chelsea Handler
 “The Bedwetter” by Sarah Silverman
* “The Sisters” by Nancy Jensen
 * “The Homecoming of Samuel Lake” by Jenny Wingfield
 “A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty” by Joshilyn Jackson (read 1/2) sucky.
 “Minding Frankie” by Maeve Binchy
 “Come Home” by Lisa Scottoline, sucky.
“True Sisters” by Sandra Dallas
 “The flight of Gemma Hardy” by Margot Livesey
“Another Piece of My Heart” by Jane Green
“Friends Like Us” by Lauren Fox
“The Next Best Thing” by Jennifer Weiner
“Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures” by Emma Straub
*”Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn
“Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn
 *”The 19th Wife” by David Ebershoff
“Tallgrass” by Sandra Dallas

A bit more detail about some of the books:

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” by Chelsea Handler,
“My Horizontal Life” by Chelsea Handler, “The Bedwetter” by Sarah Silverman

The first four books by comediennes were my way of distracting myself from the anxiety I was having around being pregnant. Although I was very fortunate to have an extremely boring and healthy pregnancy, I had a lot of general anxiety around the health of Ace in utero. Also, I got these books downloaded on my iPad for free courtesy of an unnamed relative (you know who you are ;)). My favorite was actually “The Bedwetter” by Sarah Silverman, although Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Handler’s books were mildly entertaining.

“The Sisters” by Nancy Jensen,  “The Homecoming of Samuel Lake” by Jenny Wingfield

Both great books according to my rating “system”. I don’t remember “The Sisters” that well but I do recall that “The Homecoming of Samuel Lake” was great although it involved some descriptions of child abuse, which is a not-so-feel-good topic that I try to stay away from reading about.

“True Sisters” by Sandra Dallas, “The 19th Wife” by David Ebershoff, “Tallgrass” by Sandra Dallas

Both “True Sisters” and “The 19th Wife” are historic fiction about Mormons. “True Sisters” is about the Mormon handcart pioneers and “The 19th Wife” is about polygamy. Although I am not Mormon I have always had a mild fascination with Mormons, partially due to growing up near the Utah border. Both of these books were terrific and continued to feed my appetite for Latter Day Saints related info.

“Tallgrass” is also by Sandra Dallas, which is about the Japanese interment camps in Colorado. I only started reading Sandra Dallas’s books in the past few years and all of them have been very good. She is a local Denver writer that writes historical fiction usually taking place in and around Colorado.

“Another Piece of My Heart” by Jane Green, “The Next Best Thing” by Jennifer Weiner

I hate the term Chick Fiction, but both of these books could probably be classified as that. Sometimes I just need something light and frivolous to read that always has a happy ending. Both of these books fulfilled that need.

*”Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

Favorite book of the year: “Gone Girl”. Such a brain twistingly fun read! No wonder it was so critically acclaimed. I loved it so much that I read “Sharp Objects” right after it. “Sharp Objects” was good too, but it wasn’t able to connect its darkness and gore to the plot the way “Gone Girl” was able to.

2013 BOOK RESOLUTIONS (insert triumphant trumpet music)

  • I will read non-fiction! I am sticking to it this year. If anyone has any recommendations for biographies or historic non-fiction, please give ’em to me.
  • I will read more male authors! I have no clue how I ended picking almost all female authors this year, but I need more diversity in 2013.
  • No more sucky books! If I do not like a book in the first 40 pages, I WILL put said book down and move on to a better book. Too often I spend too much time hoping a book will get better. NO MORE!
  • I will read at least 23 books! I read 19 this year, which I believe is less than I normally read since I wasn’t reading much when Ace was a newborn (sleep came beat out reading most nights). 23 seems very doable.

7 thoughts on “Books I read in 2012

  1. Red China Blues – can’t remember the author, but one of the most interesting non-fiction books I’ve ever read! You’ll love it (I hope!). I also loved Cloud Atlas (by a man) and 1Q84 (though that one was very long and very strange). Enjoy!!!

  2. lots of people use to track their yearly reading. I pretty much only read non-fiction, but I have struggled to read this last year. I struggled and got through “Guests of the Ayatollah”, about the Iranian Hostage situation in 1979. It was good but so long and I kept falling asleep every night I read it.

    • Sounds like a pretty boring book if it kept putting you to sleep. I tried to do another internet tracking program a few years ago, but I kept forgetting to use it. That was before I had my ipad and iphone though so maybe it just wasn’t easy enough.

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