7 Months of Ace

iphone 12.27.12 041

I would love to say that this month has been amazing, full of new adventures, yada yada, but to be honest this has been a pretty boring month. Not Ace of course (he is always exciting!) but for us as a family. With the exception of Christmas not a whole lot happened this month. We were stuck indoors the majority of the month because Colorado decided to get all snowy, cold, and stuff (imagine that). Ace contracted his first cold along with the hubby and I. Also most of our weekly activities like library storytime weren’t going on since it was vacation time for everyone else, not so much for us since hubby had to work. Our little handsome guy had a great month despite all of this.


Ace just weighed in at 20 lbs. 10 ozs. We were unable to get an accurate height due to a case of the extreme wiggles. He is still wearing size 3 diapers and wearing 12 month old clothes although some of it is getting a bit snug on him especially around his fleshy thighs, which we try not to speak about in front of him.

iphone 1.4.12 059


Ace loves standing up and playing on his learning table.

iphone 12.27.12 054

He will stand for up to 10 seconds at a time (yes we timed it because we are still THOSE parents) but we have to sit behind him in case of falls. Ace also likes to play while he is sitting up and on his belly. No crawling yet, but he will pivot and turn on his stomach and will scoot himself backwards. The waiting game of him being able to move independently has begun. Don’t know if we are anticipating or dreading this day.

Ace is still a big mimic. He loves bopping his head to the beat of music and “talking” to us. The other day my hubby kissed him on the cheek while they were looking in the mirror and Ace kissed him right back.

Ace has also started to take notice of technology. He pays attention when the TV is on and reaches for our iPhones and iPad. One of the few apps I found for him is “Elmo Calls”, which Ace LOVES. He gets to “talk” to Elmo on Facetime and Elmo leaves him voicemails.


We are up to three meals a day of real food in addition to Ace nursing. He loves to eat and I am having a blast learning how to make baby food. He has about 20 different foods that he is eating and we recently added chicken and lentils to his diet. This upcoming month he will try beans, egg yolk, and some different types of meat.

Ace also tried some finger foods this week including Mum Mums which are rice husk crackers.

iphone 1.4.12 067


We introduced a sippy cup this month and Ace has been using it for water at meal times. He is slowly getting the hang of holding the cup.

iphone 12.27.12 046


Nothing has changed on the sleep front which is a good and a bad thing. He is still taking regular naps but he is still waking up once to eat in the middle of the night. I haven’t been very diligent about cutting out this middle of the night feeding especially in light of him recently being sick. This month I am sticking to my guns though and WILL sleep train him to sleep though the night. I can’t survive much longer on all of this broken sleep. Welcome to parenthood, right?

iphone 12.27.12 063

After we used my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s video monitor in the Virgin Islands, we were inspired to get our own. We ended up buying and returning three models before we settled on one that worked well. The first one was a cheapie that had terrible picture and the second was one that ran via our internet connection, which added a whole host of problems including an app for our iPhones that didn’t even work. We finally bought this Motorolla which works great. My husband calls it Big Momma as opposed to Big Brother, as in “Big Momma is watching you . . . ”

iphone 12.27.12 039


  • Call Elmo app
  • Eating avocado, pumpkin, butternut squash, and yogurt.
  • Playing with his Leap Frog Learning Table. We even took this on our little Christmas trip.
  • Going to the grocery store.
  • Bathtime, made all the more fun with his new rubber ducky he got for Christmas.
  • Watching his favorite “Twinkle Twinkle” video. He oohs and aahs over this one and it never fails to entertain him for 3 minutes. I think the big face shots have something to do with it. See here:


  • Eating peas or rice cereal.
  • Having his clothes changed.
  • Opening presents when he is sooooo sleepy.
  • Being in the car too long.

Here are some other photos from this month:

iphone 12.27.12 044

iphone 1.4.12 041

iphone 1.4.12 068

iphone 12.27.12 038

iphone 1.4.12 065

2 thoughts on “7 Months of Ace

  1. Jen, I loved the little video. Now I know what he does during the day. Love the airplane yoga move on the last pictue. Can’t wait to see him again. The pictures help a lot. I love that you are taking him to the Library and to Mommie and Baby Swim time. Hope he is feeling better and so are you and Kevin. Love, Grandma jenny

    • Thanks Jenny! He is feeling MUCH better this week, plus the weather here has been great, so all regular activities have resumed. Hope you are doing well also.

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