Baby’s First Christmas

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*This will be an extremely abbreviated post due to the colds and eye infection that are now plaguing our household. We seem to have picked up a few bugs during our Christmas vacay.

Ace’s first Christmas was a short but sweet one. We stayed in-state this year and spent the holiday with my family, two days with my brother’s family and one day with my parents to be exact. Ace spent loads of time with his cousins and had a great time swimming, playing, and of course napping. His greatest performance was getting tired and cranky in the middle of opening up presents on Christmas morning. All of the pictures of him include him staring off in a haze of exhaustion. Clearly a case of TOO MUCH STIMULATION, I MUST SLEEP.

iphone 12.27.12 096

Prior to us heading west, Santa Claus made an early stop at our house with Ace’s big Christmas present: a suped-up Radio Flyer wagon! This is the one we got, but instead of paying $140 for it my dear husband got a looks-like-new one from Craigslist for $60. We can’t wait to haul him to the zoo in it once it gets warm.

Ace also got spoiled by family near and far with LOADS of toys. I am glad that Santa held off with only a wagon and a couple stocking stuffers.

On Christmas day we had a delicious Christmas brunch prepared by my mother. Unfortunately we had to head home (4 hour car ride, by the way) on Christmas day since Hubby had to work the next day. All-in-all a very Merry Christmas for our whole clan. Now, if we can just heal up this household . . .

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