6 Months of Ace

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 112

It seems much longer than a month has gone by since Ace’s 5 month update. Could it be that our trip to THE VIRGIN ISLANDS made time speed up? Yep, that is probably it. Also, nothing about this past month has been very regular. We had Thanksgiving with my parents right before our trip and all of the excitement, packing, and organizing that comes with taking a 6 month old on a Caribbean vacation. He had so many firsts this month: first plane ride, first time swimming, first time at the beach, first Thanksgiving, etc. I will write a post about our vacation later though, and focus today on what Ace is doing at 6 months. The brief answer: a LOT.


Ace’s 6 month doctor’s appointment is a little later this month, but we weighed and measured him last night. He is officially 20 lbs and 30.5 inches. He didn’t gain much weight this month, but he seems to be getting taller and taller. This week we will be changing him over from his infant carrier car seat to a regular car seat (still rear facing) due to his length. Ace’s current wardrobe is 12 month size. iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 177


Ace is finally consistently rolling over all ways and in his sleep. He has decided that stomach sleeping is SO much more comfy than back sleep. Like mother, like son! He also loves sitting up to play, but we have to place him in that position. We don’t trust that he won’t fall back yet, so if we leave him sitting up on his own we usually put a pillow behind him (still THOSE type of parents).

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 076

Ace also cut his first two bottom teeth about 3 weeks ago. Took us completely by surprise, since he have any typical teething cues. His Sophie teething ring continues to be his best friend and he definitely prefers it to any other objects in his mouth. His other teething rings will be promptly thrown to the floor when offered to him. Ace is a baby who knows what he likes.

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 049


Avocado, pumpkin, and pears are Ace’s current faves. This week we are going to bump him up to two “meals” per day and add in a sippy cup with water for him to start using.

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 064

For the most part breastfeeding Ace has been pretty easy for me. This month however things have gotten a little rough with how much he has started clawing and pulling on my clothes and skin. In other words, breastfeeding has gotten annoying. Really annoying. I am going to keep it up, but it would be nice to cut down the nursing a bit.


At home, Ace is still usually doing a long morning nap and a long afternoon nap. He continues to sleep at night from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am with one wake-up to nurse. I would love to drop his nighttime nursing session this month, but I am not going to stress too much if can’t make it happen. His sleep schedule got rocked a little by our vacation, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon.


  • Swimming. Ace went swimming for the first time this month in a pool and in the ocean. He learned the importance of splashing and has transferred this skill to bathtime. Bathtime is now a bit more challenging.
  • Baby Bjorn. Ace was hauled around the U.S. Virgin Islands and through multiple airports by his father in the Baby Bjorn. I don’t think he will ever tire of this thing.
  • Playing with his cousins.
  • Poo Bunny. We keep a bunny on his changing table that he loves to play with. I affectionately call it Poo Bunny since it has to make so many trips down to the laundry room for regular washings due to, ahem, poo.
  • Hats. Good thing too since his head of hair is still pretty sparse.


  • Being put in his stroller or car seat. Ace hates being tied down.
  • Boring teething rings.
  • Rice cereal.

Here are some other photos from this month:

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 035

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 041

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 060

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 081

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 142

iphone 12.5.12 Virgin Islands 148

And finally, this song keeps popping up on the Pandora station: Children’s Indie. Such a great version of the Kermit The Frog classic. So yummy to all of our ears!

3 thoughts on “6 Months of Ace

  1. Loved the pictures and narrative of Henry and his adventures into the world. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Mom

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