There is a lot of crap on Pinterest

I realize that this is not news to most Pinterest users. In no way is this post suppose to make fun of Pinterest users or the bloggers that post ideas that end up on Pinterest. I am a Pinterest user and a (newbie) blogger and I know some of my ideas and recipes are less than stellar. But like all forms of social media, there are going to be nuggets of gold and nuggets of, well, not gold. I am here to warn you of some of these time and money suckers. Plus I added in a few great pins that I love in order to not be a complete  “Negative Nelly” or “Debbie Downer”.

Terrible Pin 1: Rotisserie Chicken in the crock pot.

So not what this Pin will result in.

Please note that these pictures are stock photos, because I don’t want to plagiarise the actual pics or blogger.

A better title for this pin: Rotisserie FLAVORED chicken in a crock pot.

I will take partial blame for even attempting to make this recipe, but in my defense this pin is particularly deceptive. It has all the classic components of an idea that will do well on Pinterest:

1. Universal Appeal: EVERYONE loves rotisserie chicken.

2. Universal Problem: Most people do not own rotisseries, and rotisserie chickens from the store get expensive.

3. Simple Solution: Make a rotisserie chicken in a CROCK POT? GENIUS!

Sounds great, right?

Wrong! The giant glaring problem with this recipe is the fact the what most people love about rotiserrie chickens cannot be replicated in a crockpot. Crispy, roasted skin. What usually happens in a crockpot? Moist, juicy things come out which is fantastic if you have a tough piece of meat or are trying to make shredded meat for tacos, sandwiches, etc. If I actually had thought about this before I made it, perhaps I would have realized that a chicken cannot possibly be like a rotisserie chicken if it is cooked in a slow cooker. But alas I did not and an $8.00 all natural chicken was turned in to a wet stringy mess that was sort of flavored like a rotisserie chicken.

I tried to warn people by re-pinning this recipe with “Rotisserie Chicken in the crock pot. – THIS RECIPE SUCKS!” underneath the photo, but I am not sure if it worked. I had 3 more re-pins of the edited version the next day. Hopefully this will warn others.

Terrible Pin 2: Coffee Ice Cubes

My reasons behind not liking this pin are completely personal and not shared by all. I actually brought up how much I didn’t like this pin to a few friends and they all agreed that they love this idea for iced coffee. My main problem with this pin is that adding coffee ice cubes to iced coffee can be a dangerous equation in terms of caffeine consumption. I used coffee ice cubes for my iced coffee when I tried this, which ended up being coffee on top of coffee. I almost had a heart attack from all of the caffeine. Also, have you ever seen a coffee ice cube? They are really slimy and oily from the coffee bean oil. Not really what I had in mind for a refreshing drink.

My favorite part is the comments on this pin:

“So simple!” Yes indeed it is simple, wise one.

“Brilliant.” Brilliant. Seriously?

Fantastic Pin 1: Best Broccoli of Your Life

Best broccoli of your life is a bit of an exaggeration, but this is still a great recipe. It is simply roasted broccoli with lemon, garlic, and parmesan. Very tasty and a great alternative to the usual steamed vegetables covered in Velveeta that my husband favors.

Fantastic Pin 2: 40 Secret iphone Features and Shortcuts

One of my friends had posted this right after I got my iphone. I don’t think any of the tips are actually “secret”. I think secret would imply that Apple doesn’t want the iphone user to know about them, which would just seem silly. They were however unknown to me. The best “secret” I found was turning on Emoji, which has enabled me to send my husband the poop icon via text.

It is so much more convenient than saying, “I don’t like that”, “What a dumb idea”, or “My day has been terrible”.

So – these are my current thoughts on the greats and hates on Pinterest. Hopefully I will continue to find many more fantastic pins in the future and not run in to any more terrible pins. But it is the internet so I am sure crap on Pinterest will continue to be plentiful.

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