Eat This, Candy Bowl!

We have an absurdly large bowl full of candy on our dining room table.

It is the day after Halloween and we have TONS of candy left over. We only had five groups of children visit our house last night unlike the gobs of children we had last year. I think it was the piece of paper my husband put over the doorbell in order to urge them to knock instead of ring the bell, since Ace goes to bed so early. Must have turned away a bunch. This is only a guess however.

Like 99% of American homes, we have candy leftovers. What to do . . . what to do . . . ?

I think that instead of hiding this candy, asking hubby to hide this candy, or throwing it in the trashcan in the alley, I shall let this large bowl of candy stay on the dining room table. Undisturbed. And UNEATEN by me for the next week. THAT is my resolution.

I am usually of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind persuasion when it comes to treats. My husband and I do a pretty good job of keeping junk food out of the house because we are both notorious snackers. Ice cream was the only exception this past year due to the fact that I was pregnant and the IWANTICECREAMNOW urge could not be denied.

But now, there is no acceptable reason to shove Butterfingers in the gaping hole in front of my face. Therefore I will use this as an opportunity to exercise good ole fashioned self-control. Because I know I can. And a swimsuit vacation might be on the horizon . . .

2 thoughts on “Eat This, Candy Bowl!

  1. I was once served this dessert at a picnic in Wisconsin: Snickers Salad-Cool Whip and instant chocolate pudding w/cut up pieces of Snickers. Sounds like a perfect fit.
    Or be like Kim Kardashian (or was it that guy Brad who used to work for Rachel Zoe?) who takes one bite of a cupcake then squirts dish soap on the rest to ruin it so as not to eat it all.
    Let me know if you need more high quality tips, Jen.

    • Obviously all diet tips demonstrated on the Rachel Zoe Project (or by Kim Kardashian) must be quality. An nasty candy salad might be interesting . . . Sour Patch Kids and Starburst Jellybean fluff?
      Thanks Malia!

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