The 5 Stages of Baby’s First Food

Last weekend we decided it was time for Ace to try food for the first time. Although he is not quite 5 months yet and we wanted to wait until he was 6 months, we have a few reasons:

  1. He seems very interested in food. This might be misleading however since he is very interested in putting anything (toys, fabric, his mother’s hair . . . ) in his mouth.
  2. He has met all of the physical milestones recommended for beginning food: sits up in a high chair, weight has doubled since birth (and then some), he has the ability to indicate he is full on breastmilk, etc.
  3. We were REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to watch him eat food. Yes, we are those type of parents.

We bought an organic sweet potato (again those type of parents), steamed it, and waited for him to wake up from his afternoon nap. And waited, and waited. Ace decided this was the day that he was going to take a 2 and 1/2 hour nap. He must have known something was up.

We put him in his hand-me-down high chair and he was thrilled. Both Mom and Dad want to play with me?! YES!

Okay, I have a tray in front of me. Still having fun though. YAH!

Stage 1: Shock and confusion

Why did you put that in my mouth? That is definitely not a nipple.

Stage 2: Pain and Disgust

UGH! It has TASTE. And TEXTURE. And it is ICKY! Get it away from my mouth.

Stage 3: Sadness and Despair

I thought we were going to have FUN. This is not FUN. Why?

Stage 4: Rage


Stage 5: Relief 

Up and out of that awful contraption and sweet potato smushed clothes. Ready to have Mom give him a warm bath.

Our sweet-natured boy is back.

Until . . .

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