This Week In Pop Culture Consumption

I filled my time this week (outside of baby rearing) enjoying some new TV shows, the presidential debate (ugh), and listening to music since the hubby was out-of-town again. I also made lentil soup and stomped through the garden harvesting the last of our veggies and herbs since chilly weather was coming to our part of Colorado.

First up, I DVR’d Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor because I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 9:30 last night, which is when it aired. I would say how sad this is for a Friday night if it weren’t true for almost all of my nights right now. I heard about this show on a podcast that features Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and out of general curiosity decided to give it a try.

It was cute. That is about the best description I can give it. Cute. It has a bit of stand-up, a round table discussion of mommy comedians, and sketches. Although this show might be topically relevant to me, it felt too contrived and sugary sweet to be very funny. Does comedy have to be mean to be funny? Of course not, but this seems to be very thoughtless humor that takes for granted the smarts of the average parent.

The round table was kind of funny, but I have heard most of the jokes about outrageous parents going overboard with birthday presents before. And I thought I was new to hearing mommy humor. The worst was a sketch that featured a woman pretending to be an over-the-line mother who makes silly requests, such as asking people with cell phones to move away from her and her baby, all while having everything captured on hidden camera. Bleh. The whole show seems to be lacking in creativity, edge, and smarts. Parental Discretion definitely seems aimed to the lowest common denominator of parental humor.

Enough with Debbie Downer pop culture! These were the things I enjoyed this week:

Roseanne! The best sitcom reruns ever. I try not to have TV on all of the time as background noise, but sometimes I get freaked out when my husband is out-of-town as he was for part of this past week. All the more reason to fill the house with the soothing sounds of Roseanne’s voice.

I haven’t been interested in watching any current TV sitcoms in a long, long, time. With all of the wonderful trash reality TV on Bravo every night, who has the time? Roseanne however, is on almost exclusively during the day and is the perfect show to listen to in clips while you are doing other things but just need background noise. In fact, most of this post has been written while Roseanne has been playing in the background. In the interest of full disclosure, I also think Dan is pretty hot. His obesity was never a problem for me.

Lastly, I listened to some LCD Soundsystem this week after hearing this song on Sirius XM. Don’t you love it you hear a song that you forgot you liked so much? Very fun to listen to and dance to with Ace. I shall add it to my baby dance disco mix!

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