Wedded Bliss

Last weekend was one of friends, family, and a whole lotta love. We made the four-hour journey back to ye olde hometown GJ for my best friend’s wedding. And what a wedding it was . . .

We cruised in the same day as the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Thankfully my parents were extremely happy to be the designated babysitters for Ace. As was Ace.

We put on some nicer duds with plenty of supportive undergarments (well I did).

We were off to see the bride and groom at the rehearsal. Jami and Dustin were married in a courtyard in downtown GJ. It was beautiful, especially for the time of the ceremony, when the sun was setting.

The rehearsal dinner was at The Rockslide, the place where the bride and groom met during trivia. Jami is an extremely smart broad who is a history whiz. Dustin was MC’ing trivia. Clearly a match made in heaven.

The dinner was delicious, especially when washed down with a few of the Rockslide’s Widdowmaker beers. Jami and Dustin made their speeches and more than a few tears were shed.

Afterwards most of the bridal party went to Naggy McGee’s (the wedding reception venue) to carry on with the night. The hubby and I had to bow out at about 10:30 which was a bummer since the party continued on without us until 1:30 (or so I am told). Even with a babysitter, having a baby to feed and care for in the middle of the night prevents the all-night drinking from the days of yore.

The next day was all wedding, all day! I met up with some of the bridal party at Jami’s house the next morning for mimosas and a hair appointment. I had to bow out for a few hours to go home to feed Ace, but we gathered again prior to the wedding to help Jami get dressed. We also got Slink, Dustin’s dog, done up with a vest and a tie. He looked quite dashing.

The wedding was beautiful. All of the colors reflected the season and it was very intimate. Jami and Dustin both wrote their own vows and Dustin’s sister gave the best speech of the weekend, which really brought down the house. I absolutely sobbed during the ceremony. I couldn’t believe that my best friend was getting married to the man of her dreams and I felt so honored to be standing next to her as matron of honor. It was a long road that led them there, but they made it.

I have to say that the reception was the best reception I have ever been too. They rented out an entire irish pub (Naggy McGee’s)and it was filled with friends and family. The first half of the reception was DJ’d and the second half had a live band.

A definite highlight was their first dance and the father daughter dance. Excuse the blurry phone pics, but this was after about three glasses of wine.

These are some other photos of the reception.

This next part is hard to write because I am not very good at talking about mushy matters, but I will try my best.

Weddings are always a reminder of the great things in life: friends, family, music, food, etc. They also take on a new meaning when you are married yourself. They not only remind you of your special day, but also of why you chose your own partner, and how you keep chosing them everyday by loving and caring for them. There are so many things I love about Jami and Dustin, but I am truly in awe of how they strive to be their personal best for one another everyday. They inspire and encourage one another.

After 20+ years of friendship, I can say that I have never seen Jami so happy and complete. She deserves all the love and adoration that she had this weekend. I am so lucky that I was part of all this wedded bliss.

4 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss

  1. Beautiful story to share with all of us. Jami has a smile that lights up the room. Glad she and Dustin are man and wife. Hope she has a story book life. You are lucky to have an awesome friend since 5th grade. Now you can watch and share your married lives and family experience. The best is yet to come. Jenny

  2. So sweet. It’s true, weddings really changed for me after I was married. Not happier or sadder or more or less meaningful. Just very different. They remind me to hold my husband’s hand a little tighter and be a little more openly grateful to have it there to hold. Lovely post. 🙂

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