Have You Seen My Husband?

In the past week, my sweet husband has been out-of-town for work a total of five days and four nights. Whew! Taking care of a three-month old takes on a whole new dimension when you are doing it alone.

Observation/Musings from this week:

–  Round the clock supervision of a baby is exhausting! I now fully appreciate those breaks that hubby provides me when he gets off of work. One to two hour breaks during the day can mean a world of difference between being a sane parent and person coming apart at the seams. I didn’t cry this week, but I thought about it 😉

–  Large grocery store trips should be reserved for when the hubby is here to help. The actually shopping in the store part was fine, but loading and unloading Ace plus groceries alone is proving to be extremely hard. He is now 18 lbs and in his infant carrier it is almost impossible to haul him more than 20 feet. Also, in the rush to put cold groceries in the fridge/freezer (because Ace needed to nurse asap) I left three pounds of ground buffalo on top of the fridge. Why? I HAVE NO CLUE! I can’t blame this one on post pregnancy hormone haze at three months postpartum. I didn’t discover the meat until a 3:00 a.m. feeding. That was $21 down the drain (it was on sale, hence why I bought so damn much).

–  So much time with baby = lots of exercise. I was very surprised by how much I needed to get out of the house. So, in addition to our daily walks we went to Mommy and Me Yoga twice. Yoga felt great but I don’t know if it was enough to completely undo all of the stress of keeping a baby alive and happy all by oneself. Sidenote: I found the best app ever for walking. It is called Walk Tracker and it times your walk, your distance, and maps your walk using GPS. It is so cool to see how far my usual walks are plus to see what my average speeds are. I think this is going to push me to really pump up my workouts!

Being without hubby lately is so difficult, but this was just a once in a blue moon type schedule that hopefully won’t happen again for a while. Now I’m off to make a favorite meal of his (not really mine) to welcome him home today. Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with cole slaw (also not my favorite) and zucchini chips since all this zucchini isn’t going to eat itself. Aww . . . the sacrifices in cuisine we make to feed the partner that does so much for us.


One thought on “Have You Seen My Husband?

  1. Jen, loved this essay. It made me laugh more than once .Sorry about losing the ground buffalo. Some sale that was. We have all been there and done that. It will improve with each passing day.

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