This Week In Pop Culture Consumption

Today was a burnt grilled ham and cheese kind of day. Which really stinks when you only have two pieces of bread on hand.

I am feeling less than full speed today since Ace had a relatively rough time sleeping last night. After going to sleep at the absurdly early time of 9:00 last night, I was up with him three times last night. On the bright side it gave me a chance to catch up on the latest DVR’d episode of Gallery Girls, a craptastic reality show that I reserve for late night feedings away from my husband’s judging eyes.

This is my first post about pop culture I am currently consuming, and unfortunately I have to admit this is something I have been watching. The show follows seven young women (half Brooklyn hipsters, half Upper East Side snobs) as they work in and around the art galleries in NYC. What hooked me are the bushy eyebrows of the Brooklynites and consistently bored (vacant really) looks on everyone’s faces. There is a lot of standing around and making passive aggressive comments to each other. It is highly enjoyable at 3:00 am when I am half asleep.

All in all another Bravo hit, although will be very surprised if this show goes beyond season 1.

Another thing I have been enjoying this week is the podcast Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend.

Le bebe and I take long walks almost every morning so podcasts are a big part of my daily entertainment. I started listening to her podcast after I came across a good review of it on The AV Club, although I was familiar with her from The Adam Carolla Show. The show is pretty barebones with just her interviewing her guests and her technical guy Gary chiming in from time to time. She only does one podcast a week, so I have been downloading some of her old interviews of people I like such as Fred Armisen and Kerri Kenney-Silver. Her interviews are great and delve deeper than any other interviews I have heard on other podcasts. There isn’t much gimmick besides the theme song that has become an earworm for me. I swear I hear that stupid song in my sleep.

And finally, I will add in a bit of the music I have been listening to. The majority of my musical exposure comes from either Pandora or Sirius XM these days. I first heard this song sometime in the spring on my Gotye station on Pandora ( I say MY Gotye station because I have spent at least 10 months fine tuning this sucker so that it only plays the ~30 songs I like, HA!). The song is The Wolf by The Cinema. I know nothing about the band or any of their other songs and it is hard to find out any information about them on the internet. It is just a little pop gem that I am enjoying.

4 thoughts on “This Week In Pop Culture Consumption

  1. Glad your up and around at 3:00. I’m often up too but just because I flash awake. Listened to your music and I’m in another generation. Take care and keep walking. Love, Mom

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