3 Months of Ace

Our sweet little Ace is now 3 months old. This month was full of a few new adventures and some milestones. Ace met some cousins, went on his first long car ride, and went hiking (by hiking I mean he was carried a very short distance down a hiking trail). As for growth, he is now 17 lbs. 6 ozs. and 27 inches tall. I took these two pictures to show his size relative to his panda and crib.


Ace had his first big belly laugh a couple of weeks ago. It never occurred to me that a baby’s laugh was a milestone and I am not ashamed to admit that I always thought babies came out of the womb with the ability to laugh. Turns out they just stare at you the first month, start to smile at you the second, and begin to laugh around the third. The things you learn as a new parent.

We are working on tummy time everyday, but rolling over seems to be elusive at this point. There is always next month.


We have lucked out so far with how well Ace sleeps at night. He slept through the night for the first time around 10 weeks and has been doing it about 2-3 times a week since then. The other nights he usually wakes up once around 3 a.m. to nurse and then sleeps until between 5:30 and 7:00. Obviously I appreciate it when he chooses to sleep until 7:00. Naps are still a struggle but I will take the good night sleeping over naps any day.


The play mat used to be Ace’s only real entertainment (outside of his father’s guitar playing), but he is slowly becoming accustomed to playing in the Exersaucer. At first he just sat and drooled in it, but now he is starting to bounce and do a little footwork in it. I like to call him “Crazy Legs Gaff”.

Thanks to his Aunt Katie, Ace also has a new soft bunny that he likes to hold. Everyone knows that tough guys named Ace need somebunny to love. And bear socks.


  • Baby Bjorning it around town.
  • Sucking on fist. Pacifiers are so two thousand and late.
  • Bath time (sans toys for now).
  • Wooden crib mobile. Absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Being outside, whether in a stroller or just hanging in the backyard.


  • Nap times.
  • Long car rides.
  • Hiccups.

These are some other photos from this month:

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