Ace met his first non-full size human family members this week. Yes, he met COUSINS for the first time! My brother and his wife brought Liam (3.5 yrs.) and Eli (11 mos.) to town for a few days for a quick visit. We went to the zoo, the children’s museum, and the playground. Fun (and some tears) were had by all.

Cousins and Aunt Karen at the zoo:

Ace spent much of the week dangling from our hand-me-down Baby Bjorn. It is his current preferred mode of transportation. Please note the drool trail down the front.

He doesn’t know what to make of other babies yet, but there were a few moments of playing.

Ace swung on a swing for the first time but didn’t seem too impressed.

The Children’s Museum was very interesting. It never really occurred to me that this place existed before I had a child, but I guess it shouldn’t when you don’t. I can’t wait to take Ace here again when he can interact more. For the most part he just sat and drooled. His cousins had fun though.

He had to wear protective goggles in the bubble room. I couldn’t resist getting a photo of this. You’re welcome.

It was nice to spend time together this week and I can’t wait for him to play with his cousins when he gets older. Ace will be very lucky to have cousins so close in age to him.

While at lunch together today with my brother and the boys, I started singing a silly song about cousins and my bro suggested singing this song instead. It pretty much encapsulates the frantic energy of baby and toddler cousins playing, so I included it. Have a great weekend!

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