Nelly Frittata

Note: This is my first food post of hopefully a bunch. I love cooking but I wouldn’t consider myself a great cook: a good one maybe, but I definitely still have a lot to learn. So . . . why I am posting about cooking if I am only a mediocre home cook? I like the idea of documenting my early housewife creations and I am lucky to cook with the freshest vegetables and herbs from my husband’s garden. With that, I give you “Nelly Frittata”.

I began making frittatas on a semi-regular basis about two years ago after I realized how simple they were to make. Lots of meat and cheese I need to cook up before it goes bad? Bam, frittata! Family staying with us, and need to make a quick brunch? Bam, frittata!  In this case, tons of ripe vegetables are in the garden. Bam, frittata! Or as my husband says, “furtado” as in Nelly Furtado.

My husband thought I was saying furtado when I first started making frittatas. Thus, in our house frittatas are regularly referred to Nelly Frittatas. Nelly Furtado is a female pop artist from Canada that gained popularity in the U.S. around 2000. She subsequently fell a bit off the radar but re-emerged in 2006 with a more sexy, hip hop sound. My husband and I differ on which incarnation of Nelly Furtado we prefer. My husband likes the Nelly Furtado of the early oughts, as in “I’m Like a Bird.” I, on the other hand think that song is a steaming pile of crap and prefer the Nelly Furtado produced by Timbaland that made “Promiscuous” and “Say It Right”. I would love to wax poetic about the reasons why, but I will get back to the point of this post, food. But let me mention that if there were such thing as a “sexy frittata” that reflects Nelly Frittata’s 2006 sound, this would be it. Because it has bacon, obviously.


This is the frittata I whipped up the other night after I realized I had the following on hand.

  • Bacon
  • Potato
  • Eggs (a bit past the expiration date)
  • And an assortment of veggies ready to go in the garden*.

*Garden built and maintained solely by my husband. I can’t take an ounce of credit for it.

Out to the garden I went to grab some cherry tomatoes, green onions, and italian parsley.

Cherry Tomatoes

My favorite type of fritatta features potato standing in as a kind of crust that you would find in a quiche. I start with either two medium or three small potatoes, sliced super thin. If I were clever, I would have bought a mandolin by now, but I continue to torture myself and risk losing a digit by using the long slice side of a box grater. We can’t all be the Barefoot Contessa.

I also thinly slice a half an onion (or whatever remains of an onion I can find in the fridge) and chop up a couple of cloves of garlic. Lucky for me I also have garlic grown and harvested a few months ago by my hubby. He dug the bulbs up a bit prematurely so they are on the small side, but man o’ man are they fragrant and tasty!

Saute the potato, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper in a bit of olive oil in an ovenproof, non-stick pan. Cook until the potato is getting crispy and is 98% done. Add in any vegetables that need to be cooked. In this instance it was cherry tomatoes, green onions, and italian flat leaf parsley which only took about five minutes to cook. If I am using already cooked veggies or frozen spinach (defrosted and squeezed dry) I add them in with the eggs.

I cooked up some bacon in the microwave beforehand since it won’t cook in the frittata, and chopped it up.

In a big mixing bowl I cracked a dozen eggs. I added in about a cup and a half of cheese, the bacon (5 strips), and pepper. I already salted the potatoes and the bacon is salty so I didn’t add any more salt in this step. I beat them together and poured them on top of the cooked potatoes and veggies. I gently (some would say gingerly) stirred the eggs a bit to get them going.

The pan then goes in a 400 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes. I usually check its progress by poking it with my spatula to see if there is any runny egg under the surface.

When it came out it looked like this:

I slid the whole frittata on to my cutting board to serve and had a small slice to satisfy me until we were going to eat since I had to put Ace down before dinner. I can usually rely on him to be asleep within the same hour window every night, but you never know. A hungry mama and an overtired newborn are never a good mix.

When dinnertime rolled around, we ate our Nelly Frittata with a yummy salad. It was a perfect dinner for a low-key night at home. The frittata had the right mix of acid from the tomatoes and saltiness from the bacon and cheese. This is my husband’s plate. I asked him to move his Coors Light out of the shot.

That is it for my first food post! Not all future food posts will be tied in with musical artists, but I will try. Let’s celebrate with a big ole’ heaping slice of Nelly Furtado: my favored “sexy” phase of her career as opposed to my husband’s.

3 thoughts on “Nelly Frittata

  1. Looks good! I’ll have to try that one of these days. I usually make a quiche when I have a bunch of veggies and such to unload, but I’d like to give this a shot.

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