Producing vs. Consuming

There was a quote in the movie High Fidelity in which Laura more or less says to Rob that once he puts music out there, he becomes a part of it instead of just being a critic of it. I feel like I have spent much of my life consuming the world around me without ever producing anything to go out in to the world. Hopefully, this blog will be my attempt to put something out there. In addition, documenting our new son’s early moments seems like a fantastic idea.

What I will write about: General life as a new mom, a newish wife, and a 30 something year old (EARLY 30s, thank you). In an attempt to not only be a mommy blogger, I also intend to write about my pop culture interests, becoming a better cook, general worldview, and things I am digging. I love my new life as a mom, but I hope it is not the end of me being me.

What I will try not to write about: Umm. Well. Can’t think of any definite no’s, but I can definitely say that I will never use Comic Sans.

And, because I want to add a video clip, and High Fidelity has the best scene with this song, and I like this song, here is Katrina and the Waves.

Now, how to type one-handed due to the baby in my arm . . .

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